About the Marine Data Hub

IMBeR Data Workshop

The IMBeR Marine Data Hub is an online community initiative to provide a ‘field-guide’ to high-value data products that can be used to drive, constrain, and evaluate global ocean models and their associated fisheries/ecosystem components.

Our motivation is to:

  • encourage cross-disciplinary exchange across the greater oceanic research community, and
  • inspire new aspects of data analysis, numerical simulation, and model-data comparison.

Our approach is actively multidisciplinary and includes dedicated platforms for gathering information on physical, biogeochemical, ecological, and social data sets that are considered critical to understanding how the ocean—and everything in it—functions, interacts, and responds to anthropogenically- and climate-driven change.

This initiative aligns with the IMBeR Grand Challenge 2 (Improving scenarios, predictions and projections of future ocean-human systems at multiple scales). The community driving this data hub is composed of IMBeR-related and associated researchers working at the global scale.

The Mission

To provide an easily comprehensible resource for a broad range of users and scientists, thereby raising the level of awareness, and use, of the available data and reducing the boundary of expert knowledge needed to make a pragmatic selection of data products with confidence.

Specific Aims

To maintain —with as little effort as possible—an internally-consistent online framework to:

  • browse key information on each data product,
  • facilitate access to the data depositories, and
  • share detailed, product-specific, practical knowledge amongst users.